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Positive Impact
Product Placement

Promoting inspiring solutions
in inspired film & TV
to inspire a sustainable world!

Pixetik is a French and European social enterprise,
an ethical product placement company.

Why Pixetik ?

The planet is not going that well, biodiversity is in danger (one out of eight species are about to disappear!) and inequalities between humans are increasing.

Zero waste products, ethical banks, clean fashion, low techs... a lot of solutions to the social and environnemental crisis are developing.

We, citizens and consumers, have not yet adopted all these solutions for a more ecological or fair world. Why ? Certainly because we don't know they exist and we do not have time to look for them.

A lot of us love and watch film & TV! 

Fiction moves us, changes the way we see the world. We identify to film & TV characters, our role models. 

Let's create a fiction which shows the world of tomorrow. A world we want to live in.


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